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Treely 1.2: Going Green

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Dec. 26th, 2013 | 07:42 pm

This update is actually quite small and focused on Yew and Lexus, for reasons. Next entry will be mostly about the kids, but I'm getting ahead of myself:

Last time, the fabulously wealthy Treely founders proved themselves to be superb caretakers of their three toddlers and in no way ignored or starved everyone including themselves. They also totally did not get a visit from the repoman. At all.

Just kidding. For most of Aspen's toddlerhood, her needs looked like that. She's too tired to eat, but too hungry to do anything else (except scream, obvs). During my emergency intervention, either Yew or Lexus repeatedly tried to change her diaper and feed her, but she queuestomped all actions except the crying ones.

Aspen: How many eardrums do I have to shatter before I get some attention around here? Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee
You took one sip and threw away the bottle to cry. I think Lexus is getting you yet another one right now so stop--
Aspen: Don't mind me, I love sleeping on the floor between pissing myself and counting my ribsaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

If I didn't have the No Welfare hack, the legacy would have ended a while ago.

Alder and Ash, the wonder twins who grew up well in this hellhole, somehow got an A+ each on their first day of school and never got homework again after that.

They also didn't bother to run around to show off their report cards, probably because they know by now that the grown ups around here suck.

Not that they really mean to be awful. The Treelys managed to pay off their outstanding bills from the last few days, but they're back to broke and gardening is hard.

But it's going to get a whole lot easier.  :DDD

Yew doesn't mind Lexus's sudden change in complexion. These two only like to interact with each other, but I don't mind if it keeps aspirations in the green: it means that they will spend hours gardening without complaint. I do worry about their relationships with the kids, though.

Case in point. Exhibit #317864, Aspen grows into a child, but her stomach remains a black hole.

Aspen: Ahhh! My brothers and parents aren't as miserable as I am! Oh, that was only a dream...

Aspen's situation is bad enough on its own, but compared to her brothers, I will be surprised if she doesn't run away as a teen.

Yew and Lexus remain blissfully unaware. Green boobs >>> youngest-child-and-only-daughter.

I make Yew clean the house as a small punishment.
No one autonomously cleans the toilet, ever. No wonder, as it takes at least a full sim hour of scrubbing.

In the early morning, Lexus gives the cucumbers one last talking to before selling the mouthwatering harvest. They make enough to get a toilet in the second bathroom, but the rest is saved for bills.

Lexus, randomly being cute.

Aspen: Life is so great! I'm so great! Everything is fine! *smilesmile*

Aspen isn't so lucky to get an A+ on her first day at school, but she brings home a friend.

Two friends, even.

They spend their time at the Treely household cheering along to Yew. Finally, he gets an audience, and he generously chooses not to play for tips.

Yew: It is reward enough to be recognized for my humble, yet stunning, talents.
Your fine art connoisseurs believe in cooties, Santa, and the artistic integrity of Mime Cat.
Yew: ~Lalala, I can't hear you over the sound of this masterful rendition of Twinkle Twinkle!

Meanwhile. I sold Ash's first painting because it clashes with the wallpaper in his room. I probably should have just let him keep it in his inventory for when he moves out.

Lexus randomly being awesome.

Unlike the other day, which was only Aspen's birthday, today is important.

While the Garden Club inspects the lot, Lexus informs the very sun of her awesomeness.

Aww, yeah.

While it may be difficult to ignore the tender, ripe young sapling unfurled on the lawn over there, there's no need for rude comparisons, Armando. Tiffany aims for the jugular in response.

Plantsims don't need bathroom breaks, so Lexus skips off to the park to do some fishing and stays until nightfall.

This is why I love you, Lexus.

Yew, on the other hand, gets to repair the broken sinks and unclog the toilet.

Too little, too late. She's already asleep, dummy.

With the bit of extra cash from the Garden Club and a fridge full of food, life seems pretty good.

If normal is good, anyway. Stop sleeping on the couch, you guys.

I need to watch Lexus quite closely because the family doesn't have nearly enough for a sun lamp. On occasion I wonder whether she needs to be cured of her condition.

Aaarghhhew3erh54eH%@ Don't pass out in the shade, dummy.

While Lexus is otherwise occupied, Yew gets his share of gardening duties.

The kids occupy themselves quietly. Alder is going through an Impressionist phase, which I like.

His dancing is still hilarious, though. Ash knows what's up.

If I knew how to make GIFs... I still wouldn't take the time to animate this.

Early morning meditation, to try to keep her sunlight needs stable for a little while longer. Lexus gives up quickly though.

While she works on herself, Yew works on the garden. There's a familiar pause...

Oh noooooo...

Whelp, that happened.

And then so does this. Yew's wink is somehow extra smug.
Insert jokes about: bird/bees, flowers/trees, pollination, fertilization, gardening tools, seed, and references to roots here.

With two less mouths to feed, the Treelys find it easier to keep the fridge full.

Yew: And you wouldn't think so, but the woohoo is--

They return with nineteen(!) fish, most of which are sold, and a Nature plaque.

Possibly for lack of choice, Yew is really getting into the whole Plantsim thing. All of his wants are garden-related.

With the spring harvest, they scrape up enough money to finish the second bathroom and even buy a sun lamp.

I noticed that no one used the only dining chair left, and as it turns out, it was stuck "in use". After deleting it, I realized that the original dining chairs didn't cost $400, they actually appreciated in value from $65. So now, the Treelys get crappy non-custom chairs that cost around $200 a piece to cover the "extra" from selling the other back to the catalog.

Lexus: Remember when the kids were toddlers and they were constantly swarming the toilet? And you peed yourself because you couldn't control either your children or your bladder? That was like, yesterday.

Hey, Yew, hey. Remember that time when you were awful? That was like, all the time. >:c

Yew and Lexus make the rounds to tuck in each child when the remember, but this is might be the first interaction between Yew and his daughter while she is still conscious. The look on Aspen's face is cautiously hopeful. (Her cheeeeeekssssss...)

Good job at parenting, you guys.

The kids do all right on their own though, as long as there's a meal left on the counter.
Alder shows of his mechanical skill (he only has one), but Aspen is quick to call him out.

Anyway, I would like to see more of the Treelys together. Next time, during the last days of summer vacation, the Treelys have a family outing!

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(no subject)

from: goodliest
date: Dec. 28th, 2013 01:59 pm (UTC)

I didn't think either would transform, since they didn't seem to use that much pesticide, but I'm glad they did. I love plantsims!

It's kind of fun, though, getting a family on its feet--at least it's more interesting than when they're just sitting on a ton of cash.
Agreed on all counts.

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